Banshee Icon
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 2000
Produced By Air Tower
Build Time 0:25
Role Fighter-Bomber
Armament Plasma Cannons
Upgrades Tiberium Fuel
Abilities Supersonic Booster
Requirements Tech Lab

Banshee is a multirole fighter-bomber developed by the Brotherhood of Nod. The unit is a favorite amongst Nod commanders, due to its effectiveness against both ground and air units. It's also the best Nod counter to GDI Mammoth Tanks and even Mammoth Walkers.

Tiberian SunEdit

TEManual NOD Banshee-2-

V 1.5 Banshee on the guide made by Carnius and Rimtech.

The Banshee was developed by Nod during the Second Tiberium War in a cloaked base in the Balkans, using technology acquired from the Tacitus. Although the facility was decimated by a GDI strike force led by a Mammoth Mk. II, Nod continued use of these advanced aircraft for the rest of the war. After Kane's disappearance the aircraft was not used until CABAL somehow acquired its blueprints and built hordes of them to wage war on humanity.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

As Kane returns from the dead and whispers of The Third Tiberium War starting. Kane has brought back the planes that took down the mighty mammoth tank MKII and laid waste to GDI's base through the world is The Banshee. It can take down any target other than infantry when given the right numbers, being especially powerful against heavy vehicles, but its weakness against AA infantry makes it a force not to use against non-armored targets.

In v1.4, the Banshee can be upgraded with Enhanced Avionics to get the ability to engage in dogfights or attack high-priority aerial targets, such as the Scrin Leviathan Mothership. In v1.5 the Banshee comes with the ability to shoot aircraft by default, therefore, the upgrade has been replaced by the Tiberium Fuel upgrade, which allows it to briefly accelerate to supersonic speed, but renders it unable to attack during this period.

Like all The Brotherhood Of Nod tactics strength in numbers it also apply to this plane. One Banshee can only do so many damage at once but come with a Squadron of Banshees it would be a nightmare.

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