• Ssskoopa

    Man, this place...

    September 28, 2015 by Ssskoopa

    It's like looking at a Red Zone. Missing articles, incorrect titles, out-dated information, and grammatical mistakes everywhere. NONE of the units and structures have build time when I first arrived, and research time isn't even part of the template when I first came here. And no, I am NOT adding structure power consumption and support power cooldown to the template right now. I am NOT getting into those two cans of worms.

    Well, somebody's gotta do it, that somebody might as well be me.

    Battle control online

    Beginning cleanup operation

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  • White Wolf (Tiberium Essence)

    Hello, gentlemen.

    It's White Wolf, from the Tiberium Essence Team (in case anyone bothered to read the contributors list). I'm the Text Editor for the Essence Team. I'm responsible for grammar and punctuation checking, as well as writing all those nifty little info panels that pop up whenever you hover your mouse over a given unit in the sidebar.

    I also wrote a number of Intel documents which, unfortunately, I don't think were ever released.

    Secondly, I maintain the Reborn Wiki page on Command & Conquer: Reborn (

    I've been hoping to get back into the writing game, and I think this just might help me.

    Need some backup?

    -White Wolf (22-FEB-12)

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  • Playmsbk

    Leaving for vacation

    July 11, 2011 by Playmsbk

    I am leaving for vacation in about an hour or so and I'll have no access to a computer, meaning that I'll not be able to help with the wiki. Yeah, sorry for leaving you with one guy less, but when I am back I'll put all my power to help and fix any missing things or stuff. I am creating one last page, and then see you in a week.

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  • Benjamin Page

    I would like any of you who are posting to begin adding stuff to the scrin line-up... PLEASE... it has 1/3 of the articles as GDI or Nod...

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  • Benjamin Page

    Hi, this is me smallchange.. I am the one that created this wiki, and i would like to announce that you may start adding whatever you want whenever you want to this wiki :)

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  • CnCFin

    I'm here

    June 29, 2011 by CnCFin

    Greetings, I decided to join this place instead of writing articles as anonymous. I let you guys write the "official" unit and structure pages, I'll stick writing fiction about some missions I'm making to fill the storyline. TE kicks ass :D

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  • JohnyXIII


    June 27, 2011 by JohnyXIII

    I joined wiki on 06-27-11.

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  • Playmsbk


    May 9, 2011 by Playmsbk

    For now I will be randomly creating or editting pages here in TE WIKI. Yes, I know, it's a genius plan!

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