Buzzer Hive
Hive Icon
Faction Scrin
Cost 600
Produced By Drone Platform


Build Time 0:08
Role Anti-infantry defense
Armament Buzzers
Upgrades Tiberium Hive
Abilities Detects stealth
Requirements -

The Buzzer Hive is the Scrin's basic anti-infantry base defense.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Buzzer Hive releases swarms of Buzzers when approached by hostile ground units. The swarms will move towards the enemy units and attack them. They can be destroyed by enemy fire, but the hive will immediately release additional swarms to replace any losses, up to a maximum of three independent swarms at any one time. When idle, the buzzers circle around the hive. Buzzers released by the hive cannot be controlled by the player. The hive can be built behind other units with the buzzers simply going around and attacking whatever comes within range. Unfortunately, unlike other basic anti-infantry defense structures, it is useless against even light vehicles. The Tiberium Hive upgrade provides extra health and speed to the buzzers spawned.

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