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The Forgotten are humans who possess a rare genetic mutation, one that allows them to survive Tiberium Toxemia, ending up human/Tiberium hybrids. They are shunned by normal society due to their mutations and often horrifying appearance. As such they usually tend to band together to survive the harsh Tiberium wastes, forming their own ramshackle communities.

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Tiberian Sun Edit

The Forgotten had initially remained neutral during the Second Tiberium War, refusing to side with either GDI or Nod . However both sides realized that the Forgotten's expertise and knowledge of the Tiberium wastes would be valuable to their war efforts. In an attempt to turn the Forgotten against GDI, the Brotherhood captured a GDI base and used their weapons against a Forgotten settlement, the slaughter ended when their leader Tratos surrendered himself to the attackers in exchange for an end to the bloodshed. But Nod's plan backfired and as a result The Forgotten joined GDI to rescue Tratos. In addition The Forgotten helped GDI locate the Nod Pyramid that contained the World Altering Missile in Cairo.

Firestorm Crisis/ Mutant Exodus Edit

During the early days of the Firestorm Crisis, the Forgotten suffered a devastating blow, when Tratos was assassinated by a Nod task force sent by order of CABAL (without Slavik's knowledge). In their grief, the enraged mutants began to openly revolt against all uninfected humans, however GDI stepped in and managed to restore relative peace for a time. Soon after Tratos' death, Nod forces once again under CABAL's control, attacked and destroyed their main headquarters, in order to retrieve a piece of the Tacitus. With the loss of their headquarters and so many of their people gone, the Forgotten did not recover.

Years later following the aftermath of the Firestorm Crisis in 2037, the Forgotten were unable to unite under a single leader. Weary of the many hollow promises made by their supposed friends, Ghost Stalker and the other Forgotten went into self-imposed exile, deep within the Yellow zones and dangerous Red zones, where the heavy ion activity would help mask their presence from the rest of the world. In 2042 as a sign of goodwill towards the Forgotten, GDI set up the G-330X habitat modules in Yellow zones around the globe, they've since been modified by the mutants to suit their needs.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

As of version 2.0, the Forgotten will become a fully playable faction. In release 1.6 and previous, the Forgotten have only played a minor part, having a variety of units available from tech structures.

List of Forgotten UnitsEdit

(Note: This list is based on information shown in the Tiberium Essence ModDB page and is subject to change. The list will be replaced or removed upon the release of Tiberium Essence 2.0. Stay tuned.)

  • Vehicles
    • Cougar
    • Wardozer
    • Punisher
    • Hydra
    • Reclaimer
    • Crusher
  • Infantry
    • Brute
    • Fiends
    • Ascended
    • Ghost Stalker
  • Aircraft
    • Hind
    • Floater
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