Harpy MK2
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 900
Produced By Air Tower
Build Time 0:12
Role Scout Aircraft
Armament 30mm machine gun

(Laser cannon after upgrade)

Upgrades Laser Capacitors

Microwave Pulse Generator

Abilities Detects Stealth

Signature Generator

Microwave Pulse (With upgrade)

Requirements -
The Harpy Mk. II is a Nod basic aircraft, perfect for scouting and AP combat.

Tiberian SunEdit

A derivative of the AH-64 Apaches used by the Brotherhood in the First Tiberium War, the Harpy support gunship was developed to replace its predecessor, which is inferior compared to GDI's newly developed Orca Fighters, as well as increased local anti-air capability. It is mainly a scout unit, used to patrol areas or evacuate important personnel (the gunner isn't an integral part of the crew). Unlike the Apache before it, it does not carry rockets nor missiles. However, it is armed with two 30mm machine guns as opposed to one on the Apache.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Harpy Mk. II, follows it's predecessor in the role of a scout helicopter. It is armed with only a single machine gun, which can be replaced with a laser cannon to improve its effectiveness against armored units. It is also equipped with a stealth detector, allowing it to detect enemy stealth units. Furthermore, it can engage enemy aircraft, and can be upgraded with a Microwave Pulse Generator, allowing it to use microwave pulses to slow enemy aircraft. It is equipped with a signature generator by default, allowing it to appear as a larger force on enemy radar.

Harpies are largely ineffective in pure offense roles due to their relatively weak damage output against anything other than infantry and their light armor makes them easy prey for anti-air. Harpies however don't run out of ammunition similarly to the Stormrider and aren't limited to the number of Air Towers built, allowing them to be amassed easily. Their stealth detection ability is highly valued, and it's sometimes wise to send a few Harpies in with an attack force to scope out targets hiding behind stealth.


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