Faction Forgotten
Cost 1500
Produced By Mutant Hovel

Mutant Mercenary Outpost

Build Time {{{build time}}}
Role Advanced Anti-Infantry


Armament .50 caliber Sniper Rifle
Upgrades -
Abilities Tiberium Rounds (attack garrisoned infantry)

Permanently cloaked

Heals in Tiberium

Requirements Command Post/Operations Center/Nerve Center

Hunter is the Forgotten sniper unit.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

Hunter is the ultimate sniper infantry unit. While she is a single unit, unlike GDI's Sniper Team, she possesses a serious threat to any factions' infantry. She's permanently cloaked, even when firing, meaning that she can only be detected with proper stealth detecting units, such as Attack Bikes, Falcons or Seekers. Hunters are equipped with a modified .50 caliber sniper rifle loaded with Tiberium tip rounds. These rounds can clear infantry inside garrisoned buildings.


  • Hunter has the voice of Umagon from Tiberian Sun.


Tiberium Hazard Forgotten Tiberium Essence Arsenal Tiberium Hazard

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Mutant HovelMutant GarageMutant Mercenary Outpost

Support Structures


Support Powers


Upgrades -

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