Jetpack Trooper
Jumpjet Trooper
Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost 700
Produced By Barracks
Build Time 0:07
Role Airborne AP Infantry
Armament Minigun
Upgrades Auto Injectors Pack
Abilities Flight Altitude/Close Support Altitude

Heal when idle (upgrade)

Requirements Command Post


Jetpack Trooper is an GDI's airborne infantry, derived from the Jumpjet Trooper of the Second Tiberium War. They are capable of engaging both ground and air targets.

Tiberian SunEdit

GDI's older Jumpjet Troopers were equipped with a back mounted jetpack unit with an integrated chaingun cannon (though battlefield recon videos suggest a mounted M16 Mk. II AR), approximately as costly as Cyborgs' to produce and maintain, and equally useful. In-flight casualties among jump jet troopers drove upgrades to the jump suit after the Second Tiberium War. GDI also invested in additional upgrades to the suits, including stealth detection systems, additional body armor, and an upgrade to the thrust power of the suits' jump jets, increasing speed.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Jetpack Trooper is created not as a squad, but as a single unit. While airborne, they cannot be targeted by basic AP infantry. Basic anti-tank infantry can hit the Jetpack Trooper, but is relatively ineffective. However, the Jetpack Trooper is very vulnerable to enemy machine gun vehicles as well as avoid dogfighting with enemy Harpies and upgraded Stormriders. The Jetpack Trooper can be upgraded with Auto Injectors Pack for additional armor as well as automatic healing abilities. The Jetpack Troopers can fly lower to avoid anti-air fire, but his movement speed is drastically reduced, making him vulnerable against enemies on the ground. Like Zone Troopers, Jetpack Troopers are unable to garrison civilian buildings.


  • The Jetpack Troopers are not built in squads because of coding difficulties.
  • Until version 1.5, upon leaving the Barracks, Jetpack Troopers automatically go airborne. In version 1.5 and later, they remains on the ground by default.
  • He has the voice of Orcas from Tiberian Sun

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