Meteor Strike
Meteor strike icon
Faction Scrin
Cost 3000
Unlocked By Signal Transmitter
Style Offensive

Meteor Strike is a Scrin offensive support power available from the Signal Transmitter.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

As the name suggests, this support power sends a powerful artificial Tiberium meteorite crashing into its target, damaging or destroying anything it hits. It leaves behind a patch of Tiberium at the site of impact. This power is best used against power and infantry production structures, as they can be destroyed with a direct hit. It has a cooldown time of 5 minutes.


  • It borrows the icon of Overlord's Wrath support power from C&C3 Kane's Wrath, and is quite similar in action.
  • This power may be a reference to the fact that Tiberium originally arrived on Earth by a meteor, most likely sent by the Scrin.
  • This power is referred to as Tiberium Meteorite in the description of the Signal Transmitter.

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