Montauk icon
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 5000 Credits
Produced By Nod Construction Yard
Build Time 1:15
Role Superheavy ground support vehicle
Armament Heavy Anti-Air Laser

6 x Anti-Ground Lasers

Upgrades N/A
Abilities Deploy reinforcements

Boost combat efficiency

Crush lesser vehicles

Subterranean move

Requirements Tiberium Chemical Plant

Montauk is Nod's heaviest ground vehicle. Its primary function is to support other units in combat and deploy reinforcements to the frontlines.

Tiberian SunEdit

The Montauk was originally Nod's subterranean mobile command center used by Anton Slavik and his crew. Like its GDI counterpart, the Kodiak, it was mostly seen in cutscenes. Its only in game appearance was in the mission Escape From CABAL. The Montauk used Nod's Global Tunnel System to travel.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

Montauk was added to the Nod arsenal in version 1.6. This time around, it is able to crush smaller vehicles under its treads, and is armed with a several laser cannons, which can attack ground and air targets with a high damage output. It has an area-of-effect around itself, which boosts the speed and firepower of nearby units by +10%. Should the Montauk become overrun, it can use the subterranean move to quickly retreat elsewhere. Montauk can also call for reinforcements:

When requested, these units are deployed from an underground location to the surface.


  • Like the Kodiak II and the Conqueror, the Montauk was planned to become available after capturing the Tacitus Archive.
  • Like the Kodiak II and the Leviathan Mothership, EVAs and Scrin AIs would announce "Mothership deployed" when the Montauk is constructed.
  • During the development of 1.52, Montauk was able to deploy into a Fist of Nod, capable of assembling vehicles straight into the front lines.
  • However, this was changed due to Montauk's shortage of free slots in its command card doesnt allow it to change back into Fist of Nod, getting it rid of any gained rank(which is impossible so far, anyway) in the process. Fist of Nod can still be found in the World Builder.
  • It has the voice of Redeemer from C&C3 Kane's Wrath
  • Due to some issues, Raiding Party has the cost and icon of Sweeping Advance, and vice versa. Also, instead of two actual Militant Rocket Squads, the player gets two single soldiers.
  • Another bug makes the Montauk unable to gain veterancy during combat, or even when collecting a veterancy crate.


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