Mutant Flak Trooper Squad
Mutant Rocket squad
Faction Forgotten
Cost 600
Produced By Mutant Hovel

Mutant Mercenary Outpost

Build Time 0:06
Role Advanced Anti-Tank / Anti-Air infantry
Armament Tiberium RPG launcher
Upgrades -
Abilities Heal in Tiberium
Requirements -

Mutant Flak Trooper Squad is the Forgotten basic anti-tank and anti-air infantry, they are superior to their GDI and Nod counterparts.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

These soldiers are the latest addition to the Forgotten army, trained to excel at anti-armor and anti-air warfare. They wear face masks and ponchos, and use their trusty RPG launcher to fire grenades filled with Tiberium for maximum efficiency against all types of targets. They are trained in squads of three, and as the rest of the Forgotten infantry, they heal in Tiberium.


  • They use a retextured Militant Rocket Squad cameo from the vanilla game.
  • They were called "Mutant Rocket Squad" in version 1.3.

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Support Structures


Support Powers


Upgrades -

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