Mutant Garage
Mutant garage
Faction Forgotten
Cost -
Produced By -
Build Time -
Role Production structure
Armament -
Upgrades -
Abilities -
Requirements -

Mutant Garage is a tech production structure.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Mutants' Garages are used to assemble and modify make-shift vehicles for combat. As the Mutants acquired hundreds of old GDI vehicles, most notably Humvees, Pitbulls, Old Mammoth Tanks and Mobile Sensor Arrays, they modified their weapons and equipment to suit better for the Forgotten needs. Should a commander discover a Mutant Garage, they can capture it and have the Forgotten fight along side the new owner.

Tiberium Hazard Forgotten Tiberium Essence Arsenal Tiberium Hazard

Mutant MaraudersMutant Flak Trooper SquadHijackerCombat FiendsHunterGhost Stalker


HumveeLooted PitbullMobile Sensor ArrayMastodon Tank






Mutant HovelMutant GarageMutant Mercenary Outpost

Support Structures


Support Powers


Upgrades -

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