Mutant Marauders
"Mutant Marauders"
Faction Forgotten
Cost 600
Produced By Mutant Hovel

Mutant Mercenary Outpost

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Role Advanced AP Infantry
Armament M16 Mk2

Dual Pistols (Mutant Sergeant)

Upgrades -
Abilities Heal in Tiberium
Requirements -

Mutant Marauders are a Forgotten unit recruitable only from a Mutant Hovel or a Mutant Mercenary Outpost. They are more powerful than all other basic infantry, but have a shorter range and are far more expensive. Each squad of Marauders is led by a Mutant Sergeant. Like all mutant infantry, they heal in Tiberium, making them extremely effective in Red Zones.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Mutant Marauders are the Forgotten's basic infantry during the Third Tiberium War. Due to their strength and endurance, as well as their ability to heal in Tiberium, they are one of the strongest basic infantry units. They are willing to offer their service to any commander who has captured a Mutant Hovel or a Mutant Mercenary Outpost, for a price of course.


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