Orbital Deployment Center
Orb dep icon
Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost 3000
Produced By GDI Construction Yard

GDI Crane

Build Time 0:45
Role Mammoth Mk.II deployment

Provides support powers

Armament N/A
Upgrades N/A
Abilities Call in Zone Trooper Drop Pods

Call in Shockwave Bombardment

Requirements Tech Center

Orbital Deployment Center is a GDI structure used to deploy the Mammoth Mk.II and unlock the Zone Trooper Drop Pods and Shockwave Bombardment support powers.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

When GDI commanders require additional firepower on the battlefield, it is recommended to construct the Orbital Deployment Center, which enables the deployment of a pre-assembled Mammoth Mk.II via an Orca Dropship. The deployment of the Kodiak II also requires the protocols available at the Orbital Deployment Center. The structure has vital connections to GDI's orbiting space stations, therefore allowing Shockwave Bombardment to be requested upon enemy targets, or Zone Trooper Drop Pods to be sent down to the battlefield.

In version 1.4 and prior, it was possible to call in various costly reinforcements at the Orbital Deployment Center, this feature is not present in later versions.


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