Orca Bomber
Orca bomber icong
Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost 2200
Produced By Airfield
Build Time 0:22
Role Bomber
Armament Freefall bombs or Smart bombs
Upgrades ECM Container
Sensor Pod Upgrade
Abilities Switch payload
Requirements Tech Center
The Orca Bomber is a variant of the GDI's Orca strike aircraft specializing in anti-surface operations.

Tiberian Sun Edit

First deployed during the Second Tiberium War, the Orca Bombers were able to deliver heavy-hitting HE freefall bombs on the target area, capable of decimating anything caught in the blast radius. They also allow groups of Orcas to carpet bomb an area, dramatically increasing coverage area and destructive power. However, due to the heavy payloads they carry, the Orca Bombers were only lightly armored to keep their weight within operable limits. Therefore, they offered little protection against missile and armor-piercing AA rounds.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

Like its predecessor of the Second Tiberium War, the Orca Bomber is used to destroy enemies with carpet bombing runs. While slow moving and not heavily armored, these bombers are still a serious threat to any base. One bomber is enough to destroy or heavily damage power and infantry production structures. Refineries often require two or three bombers to destroy it. Unlike its predecessor, it can be loaded with either free fall carpet bombs for bombing a large area or smart bombs for targeting high-priority structures. The ECM Container upgrade allows the Orca Bomber to take more damage before being destroyed. It has no anti-air capabilities, therefore, Harpies, Stormriders and Banshees are a big threat to it.



  • Orca Bomber borrows voice of Aurora Bomber from C&C Generals.
  • As of version 1.6, the description of the Orca Bomber's Smart Bombs erroneously states them to be the Firehawks' EMP Shockwave Bombs.

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