Pacifier Icon
Faction Scrin
Cost 1000
Produced By Portal
Build Time 0:10
Role Support infantry
Armament Mind Control
Upgrades Teleport Beacon (Stasis Chamber)
Abilities Mind control ground units (excluding epic and commando units)

Replenish fallen squad members (requires Teleport Beacon)

Heal in Tiberium

Detect stealth

Requirements Technology Assembler

Pacifier is Scrin support infantry that can use mind control to any ground unit except epic units and commando units, like Mammoth Mk.II and Cyborg Commando. When an enemy unit is being attacked by a Pacifier, the Scrin Foreman may then order the victim to attack its former allies. Should the Pacifier die while controlling an enemy unit, the victim returns under the command of its former owner.


  • The Pacifier works just like Cultists from C&C3 Kane's Wrath and Yuri from C&C Red Alert 2, all three being able to mind control enemies.
  • It was originally called Peacekeeper, and was to be trained in squads of three.


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