Ravage Gunship
Icon Ravage
Faction Scrin
Cost 1400
Produced By Gravity Stabilizer
Build Time 0:18
Role Anti-Infantry


Armament Rapid firing plasma gun
Upgrades Tiberium Enhancements

Heavy Forcefield Generators

Abilities Heal in Ion Storm

Detects stealth

Parasitic Drone

Requirements -

The Ravage Gunship is the Scrin's anti-infantry aircraft.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Ravage Gunship plays a similar role to the Venom for Nod, meaning that its sole role is to wipe out infantry columns with is plasma guns. Encountered early in the Scrin Invasion, attacking population centers, many troops found medium to heavy vehicles and AA platforms were able to dispatch with ease when the Gunship is not being supported by additional Scrin forces. With the ability to detect stealth makes it very deadly for clocked infantry such as the GDI snipers and Nod shadow teams, also makes them a good asset for patrolling outlining parameter of Scrin bases. The upgrades like Tiberium Enhancements and Heavy Forcefields the Gunship can become a formidable foe and with numbers and easily overwhelm bases.

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