Secret Shrine
Secret Shrine icon
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 1500
Produced By Nod Construction Yard

Nod Crane

Build Time 0:15
Role Produces Cyborgs

Weapons technology center

Armament -
Upgrades -
Abilities Call in Shadow Strike Team

Upgrade Black Hand Elite

Upgrade Forced Evolution

Upgrade Tiberium Particle Beams

Upgrade Durable Materials

Heal cyborgs

Replenish cyborg squads

Requirements Hand of Nod

Secret Shrines serve as the Brotherhood of Nod's infantry upgrade facility, as well as their cyborg assembly plants.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

Following the devastation brought by CABAL's rebellion during the Firestorm Crisis, the rank and file of Nod's army expressed their skepticism regarding the reinstatement of the Cyborg Program, the potential backlash being averted only after a decision to separate cyborg cells from regular infantry battalions.

Therefore, cyborg indoctrination and assimilation shifted venue from the Hands of Nod to the newly conceptualized Secret Shrines, in which its underground localized data banks and supercomputers, in coordination with the regional Operations Center, ensured obedience from all their deployed cyborg units by means of the highly advanced fail-safe measures implemented. Additionally, its advanced medical/repair facilities are also capable of healing cybernetic units back to full health, replacing lost cyborgs with fresh reinforcements with the same level of veterancy.

Once a Nod base has constructed a Secret Shrine, moreover, it can be granted access to newer, more advanced technologies: power plants in the region can be upgraded with Liquid Tiberium Cores for an increase in energy output; Tiberium Particle Beam weaponry can be equipped into Raiders and Cyborg Squads; and even regular militant infantry within the base can undergo the Forced Evolution treatment, which nullifies their weakness to Tiberium crystals and increase their combat prowess. Cyborg Squads, Cyborg Reapers, and Tarantula Drones can be upgraded with Durable Materials to improve their survivability against enemy fire. Finally, it provides the local Nod commander with the clearance to call in a Shadow Strike Team into the battlefield and appoint Black Hand Elites to their militants and Black Hands as squad leaders.

As of version 1.5 of Tiberium Essence, the Secret Shrine has received a visual update in order to make it resemble a cyborg production facility more closely.

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