Tacitus Archive
Faction Neutral
Cost -
Produced By -
Build Time -
Role Advanced unit deployment
Armament -
Upgrades -
Abilities -
Requirements -

Tacitus Archive is a neutral tech structure, which grants access to highly advanced units upon being captured.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

Tacitus Archive was added to replace the useless Expansion Point tech structure in Tiberium Essence version 1.6. Any Commander who captures a Tacitus Archive may deploy faction specific special units. It also provides a small ground control area to deploy structures. Each faction has its own method to bring in the units purchased from the structure.

When a Tacitus Archive is destroyed, it becomes a Tacitus Archive Rubble. While in this state, the Archive is invulnerable, and its functions can be restored by an engineer unit.


  • Tacitus Archive was originally required to construct Kodiak II, Montauk and Conqueror from their respective production facilities, working similarly to Secret Lab tech structure in C&C Yuri's Revenge.
  • It uses the retextured model of GDI Future-Tech Lab from the vanilla game, which in-turn reuses the GDI Barracks concept from GDI Style Guide.
  • Advanced units from other factions can be produced by capturing the required structures. (E.g. A GDI commander may deploy Venoms after capturing a Nod Construction Yard).


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