Hello everyone Edit

Good day everyone. First off, I want to tank Smallchange for creating this wiki. Then, I want to thank Carnius for creating the most awesome mod C&C has ever com eto see, Tiberium Essence. Last, I want to thank all of you TE fans and TE wiki visistors and editors just for being here. Now, all as one team, we must start building this wiki from the ground, and make it the best in the wikia network! Let the editing spree begin!

Carnius, TE Fans, and TVP guys Edit

I would also like to thank carnius for making a mod that has touched the hearts of tens of thousands, it has given many of us joy like no other game or mod ever could, some of that being because it is made by such a kind and considerate creator, but mostly because it has the highest quility I have ever seen in a C&C mod before.

I would also like to thank all of you for contributing anything you know about tiberium essence to this wiki. It is still an infant and needs all of you to nuture it and help it grow. So please feel free to add anything that could possibly belong on this wiki to this wiki.

Also I would like to thank the guys at TVP for being such a help with showing everyone what the units in TE are like, and how to properly use them. Along with some amazing stories that you wont find anywhere else which give amazing insight into the units that they cover.

GDI Arsenal Template Edit

Engineer is misspelled as Enginner. OverseerTange 02:55, July 8, 2011 (UTC)

Nod Template Edit

EMP CoilsTiberium Particle BeamsSignature GeneratorForced EvolutionBlack Hand ElitesDrilling MechanismTiberium WarheadsLaser CapacitorsEnhanced Avionics

on the nod template... at "Forced Evolution... It needs a space before "Forced

Hello Everyone,

I relealize the Wiki has been inactive for that past month or so, but I want to assure you it is not dead, its just that me and my fellow workers of the Wiki have been otherwise occupied in recent times and had to put this wiki on hold.

Although that is all over now, I plan to be adding 1-3 new articles every day to the wiki, hopefully finishing it by the end of 2011.

Thank you all for being patient and understanding, and feel free to add the wiki anytime you feel like it.


Essence Team, Ready To Assist Edit

Hello, everyone.

It's White Wolf, from the Tiberium Essence Team! I stumbled upon this Wiki while working on my own Wiki for the Reborn Team (

Need an assist? I'm looking to get back into the writing game, and I think this will help...once I get the hang of the mechanics of this thing...

-White Wolf (22-FEB-12)

Greetings Edit

A normal wiki user here to help. I'd like to add some bug info into some units so that Carnius can find it easily. Just downloaded his mod recently and having played all the tiberium series, I can really say this is the best I've seen.

Kudos everyone for keeping it alive!

Aronzei (talk) 20:56, January 17, 2014 (UTC)

Can Tiberium Essence be Mounted on Kane's Wrath? Edit

Excuse me, which game should I mount Tiberium Essence on? Can I use Kane's Wrath as the base game to play this MOD? Thank you very much!

General Wild Dog (talk) 20:04, March 8, 2015 (UTC)

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