TEManual Tiberium
Faction Neutral
Cost Medium Value
Produced By Blossom Tree
Build Time Medium
Role Income
Armament Radiation
Upgrades N/A
Abilities Growth
Requirements N/A
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Blue Zone

Yellow Zones

Yellow Zone

Red Zones

Red Zone

Tberium or Ichor by the Scrin is a mysterious crystal that crash landed on Earth in 1995.


In the year 1995 a mysterious meteor carrying crystals crashed in Italy near the Tiber River, from which the crystal gets its name. As time passed Tiberium started to spread around the globe and UN scientist are unable to stop its growth. While Tiberium continues to spread, its radiation started destroying life on Earth by mutating all carbon-based lifeforms that crosses its path. Many countries are unable to sustain life due to the rapid spread of Tiberium. A zone classification system was invented to categorize areas according to the Tiberium levels.

  • Red Zones cover about a third of the Earth's surface. These areas are inhabitable by humans and almost completely covered in Tiberium.
  • Yellow Zones contain the majority of World's population and cover 50% of Earth's surface. Tiberium has reached dangerous levels in these areas. Nod is most active in Yellow Zones.
  • Blue Zones cover the remaining surface. Tiberium levels are low, and all Blue Zones are under protection of the GDI.



Effects and Viceroids

Tiberium is a crystal that is made of Phosphor, Iron, Calcium, Copper, Silica and an Unknown compound that is taken from the ground for the crystals growth. For Tiberium to increase its grow the crystal need variables such as the condition of the soil, area temperature, moisture, and weather. Tiberium is collected by heavily modified and specialized utility vehicles called the Tiberium Harvesters. Tiberium has had a devastating effect on the environment; flora and fauna have turned into mutated and alien-looking, and massive Tiberium glaciers cover the Mediterranean Sea and other Red Zones.


Blue Tiberium Crystal
TEManual TiberiumBlue
Faction Neutral
Cost High Value
Produced By Vinifera Monolith
Build Time Slow
Role Income
Armament Radiation

-Self Destruct (When Damaged)

Upgrades N/A
Abilities Growth
Requirements N/A
Tiberium also comes in three known different colour :
  • The most commonly seen is Green Tiberium or Riparius. It provides basic income.
  • The second is the Blue Tiberium, or Vinifera. It is the fully matured form of the Riparius, with a much higher mineral density, and thus twice the value. However, it spreads much more slowly than Riparius. It is also highly unstable and can cause massive damage upon detonation.
  • The third and the rarest species of Tiberium, an unnamed Red strain, was only seen during the Firestorm Crisis. It has similar properties to Vinifera, and is highly valuable and unstable. The research of the Red Tiberium came to a halt with the assassination of Tratos, as ordered by CABAL. Unlike other forms of Tiberium, the Red Tiberium does not regrow.
    Red Tiberium

    Red Tiberium Crystal


Neutral Objects
Tiberian Flora

Blossom TreeVinifera Monolith

Tiberian Fauna

VisceroidTiberian FiendFeral MutantVeinhole Monster

Tiberium Species



Tiberium SpikeTacitus ArchiveRepair BaySubway HubSubway EntranceEMP Control CenterMutant Mercenary OutpostDefensive TowerTiberium Silo



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