White Wolf (Tiberium Essence)

aka White Wolf / Commander A9

  • I live in New Jersey
  • My occupation is GDI Alpha Commander, college student, paintball team leader
  • I am Male
  • White Wolf (Tiberium Essence)

    Hello, gentlemen.

    It's White Wolf, from the Tiberium Essence Team (in case anyone bothered to read the contributors list). I'm the Text Editor for the Essence Team. I'm responsible for grammar and punctuation checking, as well as writing all those nifty little info panels that pop up whenever you hover your mouse over a given unit in the sidebar.

    I also wrote a number of Intel documents which, unfortunately, I don't think were ever released.

    Secondly, I maintain the Reborn Wiki page on Command & Conquer: Reborn (

    I've been hoping to get back into the writing game, and I think this just might help me.

    Need some backup?

    -White Wolf (22-FEB-12)

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