Veinhole Monster
Veinhole Monster
Faction Neutral
Cost -
Produced By -
Build Time -
Role Resource
Armament Veins
Upgrades -
Abilities Damage ground vehicles (except Harvesters)
Requirements -

Veinhole Monster is a type of Tiberium wildlife that first appeared during the First Tiberium War, but spread much more during the Second Tiberium War.

Tiberian SunEdit

In the early 2030s, Nod discovered that the veins could be harvested with special vehicles called "Weed Eaters". After harvesting, the Weed Eater would return to a Tiberium Waste Facility, where the veins are processed. After processing, Tiberium from the veins is transferred into a Chemical Missile, which could then be launched from the Missile Silo. The veins were lethal to most ground vehicles; only Wolverines, HoverTech vehicles, Harvesters, Weed Eaters and CABAL's Core Defender were immune to them. If left unattended, the veins could spread all over the battlefield. Walls could be used to block the veins from spreading, and if the Veinhole Monster is destroyed, the veins would slowly retract. Once a Veinhole Monster is attacked, it begins to release Tiberium gas clouds, which would then damage anything they come in contact with, and may also turn infantry into Visceroids.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Veinhole Monster serves the same purpose as Blossom Trees and Vinifera Monoliths; resource production. It is three times more valuable than Riparius, and the veins on the ground still cause damage to all ground vehicles except for Harvesters, which are used to gather the veins. The monster itself can be killed. If so, the veins will die off and cannot be harvested.


  • As of version 1.6, the Veinhole Monster has no icon or description when clicked on.
    • The Veins are misspelled as "Tiberium Weins", have no description, and use the same icon as Green Tiberium Crystals.
  • Unlike in Tiberian Sun, hover vehicles are also damaged by the veins.
  • Interestingly the Scrin Mastermind can mind control a single Tiberian Vein


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