Zone Troopers
Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost 1400
Produced By Barracks
Build Time 0:14
Role Heavy anti-vehicle infantry
Armament Railguns
Upgrades Auto Injectors Pack

Scanner Packs

Abilities Jumpjets

Detect stealth (upgrade)

Heal when idle (upgrade)

Call For Transport

Requirements Tech Center
The Zone Troopers are the GDI's advanced infantry unit.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Zone Troopers are capable of destroying enemy vehicles, light infantry and structures with their railguns, but are less effective against armored infantry such as Black Hands. They can jump across cliffs and rivers using their jump jets. Their self-sufficient powered suits, made from the same composite as the Mammoth Tanks, provide full resistance to Tiberium poisoning. They can be upgraded with Scanner Packs to increase squads' vision range, as well as provide them with stealth detection capabilities. Auto Injectors Pack upgrade increases squads hitpoints and gives them ability to automatically heal when idle. However, Zone Troopers lack anti-air weapons, making them very vulnerable against anti-infantry aircraft. Also, they are the GDI's only infantry, along with Jetpack Troopers, that cannot garrison civilian buildings, unlike their more advanced counterparts, the Zone Defenders.



  • The original concept art of Zone Armor features a simple helmet instead of the canopy in the final version. This was changed when fans pointed out that this did not make sense given the Tiberium-contaminated environment they were supposed to operate in. The original Zone Trooper design can still be seen in cutscenes.
  • The Zone Troopers' railguns have a different model in Tiberium Essence, just like all other railguns.
    Zonetrooper concept

    Zone Trooper concept art, without sealed armor

  • In World Builder, you can add single Zone Troopers instead of squads on the map. These single units can garrison civilian buildings.

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